Used Cooking Grease / Cooking Oil Collection Service

We Provide An Efficient Used Cooking Grease & Expired Cooking Oil Collection Service

Recycling and Repurposing Inedible Kitchen Waste Since 1988

Used Cooking Grease Collection and expired cooking oil recycling Service. we collect and recycle unwanted grease waste from deep fryers.

Scheduled or On Demand Used Cooking Oil Collection Service

For over 25 years JR Grease Services, Inc. has been collecting grease and used cooking oil waste in the Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties. We are a fully licensed facility approved by the state, county and cities of California to safely collect and transport inedible grease waste from restaurants and other food servicing sites.  We provide clean container storage to place your used cooking grease and efficient collection service.  Whether you are looking to be on a scheduled or on demand pick up service; we can cater to your needs.

Please note that due to the decline of used cooking oil commodity pricing we can no longer pick up less than 35 gallons for no charge.  While our competitors have already made adjustment by charging for used cooking oil collection, our team will continually provide free collection for 35 gallons and above.  We thank you for your understanding and for any additional questions or concerns please feel free to contact our office at 888-800-0118.

Grease Storage Containers

Every restaurant and food servicing establishment has different needs.  Whether you are looking for a small storage can be stored under the sinks or outside the establishment we will have the right container for you.  We provide different grease and used cooking oil containers depending on our clients’ needs and the amount of room that they have available.  The sizes of containers we provide will vary from 50 gallons up to 500 gallons; please note that the minimum amount of grease we will collect from any facility without charging a service fee will be 35 gallons. 

JR Grease Service, Inc. Used Cooking Oil Pick Up

manifest form 124 IKG hauler grease collection proof of service.  Provide orange county city inspectors with service receipts for grease collection services.  JR Grease Services is a Los Angeles ornage county licensed and approved collection / collector of waste oil from restaurant.  let us pump you grease

Disposal Manifest Report

City inspectors will frequently visit food servicing establishments to ensure that they are in full compliant with all grease waste disposal programs. Therefore, it is important that when working with a grease collection company that they are fully licensed to collect and haul any waste collected from your facility. Failing to properly dispose and not be able to provide manifest reports to city inspectors can lead into huge fines.

At JR Grease Services, Inc. we stand behind our customers. We have a full time staff ready to assist you whenever you are in need of immediate service. With a simple phone call, we will be able to easily provide you with a manifest report to prove that we are your servicing company. Furthermore, we also have an online portal for our customers to log in and view a complete service history of the store. Licensed and insured since 1988 we are a company that can cater to all your grease servicing needs.