• Grease Interceptor Pumping and Cleaning Service in Industry.

    Grease Management Services

    Providing Excellent Service Since 1988.

  • Removal of grease waste from Industry restuarants, hotels, commisary, factories, bakeries, markets.

    Industry's 24 Hour Pumping and Plumbing Service

    We provding plumbing service for commercial restaurants in Industry, Ca. High pressure jetting uncloggin stubborn grease and root blockage.

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  • Grease Trap and interceptor pumping and cleaning service.

    Industry Grease Trap / Interceptor Service

    Whether you have a 10 gallon grease trap or a 50,000 gallon interceptor JR Grease Services, Inc is here to help you 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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  • Industry Hydro Jet Plumbing Service Unclog Mian Lines or Free up slow drains.

    Hydro Jet Plumbing

    Tired of slow drains in your kitchen or continous overflow? Let JR Grease Services, Inc. blast away the grease build up causing the blockage or slow drains that can negatively affect your business.

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  • how often to service a grease trap cleaning, How to clean grease interceptor, plumbing grease interceptor

    Grease Management Maintenance Program

    JR Grease Services, Inc. offers a discounted all in one solution package. Preventive maintenance gives you a piece of mind of significantly lowering your chances of blockage or overflows.

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  • Used cooking oil collection service in Industry.  We provide scheduled or on demand pick up service and provide you the necessary container for store your cooking oil.

    Used Oil Collection

    Licensed and insured inedible waste and cooking oil collector by the city of Industry, JR Grease Services Inc. offers an efficient grease collection service throught the city. Whether you are looking for an on demand or scheduled collection service, we are ready to assist you.

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Grease Services, Industry

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Delivering to your standards

JR Grease Services Inc. is a full service grease management company dedicated to cater to your needs. We specialize in assisting the food servicing establishments such as: restaurants, caterers, food manufacturers, butcher shops, super markets and bakeries with all their grease related needs. For over 25 years we have managed to have been known as the leading grease company in the City of Industry specializing in grease trap cleaning, grease interceptor pumping, used cooking oil collection, hydro jet plumbing, high pressure washing services, DAF tank pumping, and inedible fat / bone removal services.

Our Services

For over two decades, our passion has been to provide a niche service for the food servicing establishments. See all works

Oil Removal Collection Service, Grease Collection Used Cooking Oil Pick Up, Recycling of used cooking oil, restaurant cooking grease collection

Used Cooking Oil Collection Industry

Licensed  and approved by the city of Industry, JR Grease Services Inc. offers a no cost used cooking oil / grease collection for restaurants and other food servicing establishments. We will provide the necessary container for storage and office an scheduled pick up service that suits your needs.  Furthermore, we will also provide you with proof of service reciept (manifest report) to keep for your records as proof when the city of Santa Monica inspectors demand for service verfication.

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Grease Trap Cleaning Service Pumping Grease Trap 50 Gallons, 30 Gallon, 15 Gallon, 10 Gallon

Industry Grease Trap Cleaning / Pumping Sevice

If you have an inside under the kitchen grease trap, it is highly recommended that device is to be serviced on a timely manner to eliminate or decrease the chances or overflows.  Failing to properly service a grease trap can cause slow drains, overflow and / blockage of the kitchen grease lines.   Unlike grease interceptors, due to its small capacity inside grease traps are typically service more frequently than a grease interceptor located outside the facility.

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pumping and cleaning grease interceptor 750 gallons, 1,000 gallons, 1,500 gallons, 2,000 gallons, 2,500 gallons, 3,000 gallons 4,000 gallons, 4,500 gallons, 5,000 gallonsder

Industry Grease Interceptor Service

Grease interceptors (GI) are basically similar to a grease trap its differentiation is the sizing.  Grease interceptors are usually installed outside the facility due to its large size, varying from 500 gallons and above.  The fact that these plumbing devices are large, service increments for them will vary between 3 – 6 months on average.  Please not that grease interceptors are not designed to be completely filled with FOGS before servicing the unit.  City municipalities will require interceptors to be serviced once it reaches 30% grease and solids capacity.

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high pressure jetting service | Hydro Jet Plumbing Service | Unclogging drains jet service

Industry Hydro Jet Plumbing

A hydro jetter or a jetting machines uses high water pressure of up to 3,500 PSI at 12-15 gallons per minute to break down build up residing inside the pipes.  Unlike the old way of snaking the grease lines of the restaurant, a hydro jetter will fully clean the walls of the pipes reconditioning it as if it was new again.  Therefore, if you are experiencing keep experiencing slow drain or a blockage in your kitchen grease lines and snaking is no longer working for you, it is time for hydro jetting service.

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meat and poultry disposal for supermakets, Inedible raw meat, bone and fish waste removal commercial food manufacturing service. How to get rid of inedible meat waste darling baker commodities.

Meat & Poultry Collection

If you are a supermarket or food manufacturer looking for a company that can pick up meat and poultry waste, you don’t have to look any further. JR Grease Services, Inc. offers a round the clock hauling and disposal service of meat waste such as: fat, beef, pork, lamb, chicken fish, etc.. Licensed and approved by the CDFA, JR Grease Services, Inc. is ready to provide you with excellent service.

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Restaurant Grease Maintenance trap service interceptor plumbing, grease used cooking oil waste collection jetting of main line overflowing grease trap

Scheduled Maintenance

Don’t wait until it’s too late and put your service on a scheduled routine maintenance. Emergencies can be a hassle and can be very costly especially when the city get involved and closes the business down. The fact that grease traps and interceptors are the heart of the kitchen it is highly suggested for it to be serviced routinely. Based on the manifest and history of the service reports we are able to analyze and determine as suggested schedule for facility.

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report for grease collection service, grease maintenance report manifest

Manifest Grease Collection Report

It is a requirement by every city that a food serving establishments are properly disposing their used cooking grease and pumping their grease trap or interceptor (if applicable) on a regular basis.  The city requires manifest reports as proof of service from every establishment.  Please note that failing to provide the inspectors with manifest form from a licensed IKG waste hauler can lead to fines and even closure of the business.

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emergency grease removal service los angeles orange county overflowing grease trap interceptor pumping weekend plumbing grease restaurants.

After Hours Emergency

We understand that emergencies can occur any time of the day.   Therefore, rest assure that when you are having a problem with your grease trap, grease interceptor or plumbing; we are here for you.  We offer 24 hour grease pumping and hydro jet service throughout the city of Industry.  Please note that after hours emergency are only to plumbing and pumping services only. 

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We Love Our Customers

Hydro jet plumbing service in the city of Industry. Unclogging drains and overflowing grease trap blockage.

Had a grease trap overflowing and was able to assist me immediately.

Little Caesars - Los Angeles, Ca

Removal of deep fryer oil in Industry. How to dispose cooking oil from a deep fryer.

Love the fact that JR Grease Services is always attentive to delivering and exceeding to our company needs.

Urth Caffe - Los Angeles, CA

Emergency grease intceptor pumping service in Industry.

Providing grease trap & interceptor cleaning service since 2012.

Google - Irvine & Venice, CA

Fat and bone collection Industry, supermarket, butcher shop, food manufacturing plant, and Restaurants.

JR Grease Services, Inc. has been very reliable in assisting us with our DAF tank and meat collection services. Thanks for all your help!!!

Rick Nava - Vernon, Ca

Used cooking oil collection service in Industry California. Restaurant fryer oil pick up.

Great team to work with. Quick response, great customer service and low prices.

Sean Takada - Huntington Beach, Ca

Industry Grease Trap Cleaning and Pumping Service

JR Grease Services, Inc. has been providing us with grease management services since 2010.

Wolfgang Puck Restaurants - Los Angeles, Ca

recycle & repurpose.

We are proud to say that for over 25 years, JR Grease Services Inc. has been making a difference for the future by collecting and recycling all Fats, Oils, Greases, and Solids from restaurants.  With the help of businesses like yours, togther we can make a difference for our future generation. The grease and indedible meat we collection are fully recycled to products such as: bio fuel, soap, animal feed, pet food, paint, and much more.  Lets make a difference together and invest in our future by recycling.and repurposing.  Call us to learn more about our services.